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Metals Recycling Center

General Public -

Our Americus location allows the general public and small haul recyclers the ability to recover and transport metal to our facility where it can be separated.  We offer competitive prices, state certified scales and advanced computer driven software to efficiently turn your scrap metal into money for you the consumer. 

  • Competitive Prices

  • State Certified Scales

  • Advanced Computer Driven Software


Safety while visiting our location- 

We value safety and operate our facility to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.  Due to the large equipment and high volume of activity, the operations in a scrap yard involve risks of bodily injury or property damage.  By entering our location, you are agreeing to assume any and all risks you may encounter.  We are not responsible for injury to you our damage to your vehicle while on our premises.  If you observe a an unsafe condition while at our facility, please alert management immediately.

  • Children under 18 should remain in vehicles at all time

  • No Smoking

  • Heavy equipment is in use; stay in customer areas at all times

  • Always leave at least 10 feet between vehicles

  • Follow all posted signage

  • All occupants need to be out of vehicles that are being unloaded by machinery

  • Wear closed toe shoes

  • Wear gloves when handling scrap metal



  • Ferrous Metals

  • Appliances

  • Automobiles

  • Air conditioning compressors

  • Bicycles

  • Busheling

  • Cable and wire

  • Cast iron

  • Chain link fencing

  • Drums, barrels and other metal containers

  • Gas cylinders and tanks

  • Heavy melt steel

  • Industrial Metals

  • Metal banding

  • Metal roofing

  • Motor blocks

  • Rebar

  • Sheet Metal

  • Steel

  • Shock absorbers

  • Tin

  • Non Ferrous Metals-

  • Aluminum, including cans, rims, siding, sheet

  • Coils

  • Copper, including #1 and #2, and insulated #1 and #2

  • Electric motors

  • Electrical parts

  • Electrical wiring

  • Insulated wire

  • Irony aluminum, including lawn furniture

  • Lead-acid batteries

  • New production steel

  • Other alloys

  • Plumbing parts

  • Radiators

  • Red Brass

  • Shredded Scrap

  • Stainless Steel

  • Turnings

  • Wheel weights

  • Lead

  • Yellow brass



  • Closed Containers such as enclosed drums or tanks which have not been properly vented

  • Hazardous waste or chemicals

  • Flammable materials- ammunition or explosives

  • Fluids including oils, gasoline, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, gear oil or grease.

  • Fluorescent lights

  • Paint cans

  • Radioactive material

  • Refrigerants

  • Tires, Wood, Dirt, Yard Debris, Concrete, asphalt, glass, rubber or other non-metal materials

**The lists above show the items we generally buy or do not buy.  The lists are not inclusive; other items not listed may be inappropriate for recycling as scrap metal.  If you have questions please call 229-924-3004 before you come to ask questions.

Metal Theft Policy-

AGER does not accept scrap that we cannot confirm as legitimate, metal theft is a growing concern, at AGER we train our employees to:

  • Inspect materials carefully

  • Document all transactions, including picture id, thumbprint, and pictures of materials

  • Learning our customers

  • Cooperation with local law enforcement officials

If you suspect something you have has been stolen, please contact your local law enforcement officials first.  Our company is not responsible to locate your material.  We cannot cooperate with out a full police report.

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