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24 Hour Emergency # 229-314-2751

Disaster Relief and Response


Amerigreen Environmental proudly represents over 40 years of extensive experience in all phases of disaster recovery and debris removal, often managing multiple contracts simultaneously effectively and efficiently.  Amerigreen has been “activated” throughout the South from the “Outer Banks” to Texas through all of the Gulf states for hurricane response and into the “Heartland of America” for ice storms and tornadoes.  When you partner with Amerigreen as your disaster debris management contractor you are agreeing to work with a company that understands that “Pressure is a privilege”!  You are partnering with a company that is qualified to put your community and your people on the road to recovery! 

  • Millions worth of readily available AGER owned equipment

  • Exceptional Safety Record indicated by Experience Mod Rating (EMR) of .77


  • Over 75 Specially Trained FEMA Experienced Staff


"...Ameri-Green preformed right of way, canal and vacant lot clean-up for the City of Cape Coral. Their work was done efficiently and in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend Ameri-Green for any future disaster recovery project efforts..."                                                                                                                

                                                                                         Kierstan Lynch / City of Cape Coral FL Public Works

Debris Management Site (DMS)


Debris Management Sites are the heart and soul of a Debris Removal Operation. AGER has extensive experience in the creation and management of Temporary Debris Management Sites (TDMS).  AGER has recycled millions of cubic yards and safely disposed of those materials.  AGER has the capabilities to handle your project also!

Data Management & Invoicing

environmental plan.jpg

Since beginning operations, no client has ever failed to receive 100% reimbursement for all eligible debris collected during the mission with no debris or work ever declared ineligible.  AGER remains dedicated to complete and full documentation in accordance with FEMA guidelines and directives.

Debris Reduction


The vast amount of debris produced by a natural disaster can create a recycling challenge. When possible Amerigreen (AGER) pledges to maximize the effort to recycle any and all recyclable materials.

Pre-Event Planning

Katrina 2005.jpg

Our Goal at Amerigreen is to address each community as a blank slate, building a response and debris management plan tailored specifically to that client.  Preparation efforts before a disaster maximize response and results.

Assorted equipment and Ameri-Green info

Rapid Mobilization and Emergency “First Push” Operations

Clearance of vital arteries is imperative to create immediate and safe passage for emergency response vehicles and equipment.  This part of the process is known as the “First Push”.


Right of Way (ROW) Debris Collection and Curbside Segregation

Debris Collection is the heart of the disaster relief.  Communities are brought together as they clean up from a disaster.  Since 1985, Amerigreen has collected millions of cubic yards of debris, relieving communities of the burden and providing an opportunity to return to normalcy.

Site Specific Health & Safety Plan

florida Michael.jpg

AMERI-GREEN maintains a comprehensive safety plan and program modeled after the USACE FMFM-385-1 series. The document itself comprises over 300 pages and is therefore far too long to include. However, a complete copy is available upon request.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control


Experience, Effective Communications, Extensive Resources, Focused Execution and Assurance

Planned Mission Approach Matrix

Planned Mission Approach.jpg

The following is a example of a planned mission from conception of pre-event planning through final closeout of Debris Management Site (DMS)


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