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Pre-Event Planning

The goal of any Emergency Management and Response Plan is to address actions to be taken in response to a natural or manmade disaster.  Integral to every plan will be the development of the various appendices which necessarily includes an overall, comprehensive Debris Management Plan.  While various templates are available for the outline of the plan, every jurisdiction has peculiar demographics, geography, hydrology and history which will affect not only the type of threat to be considered but also the nature and type of debris, the extent of the damage that could be encountered and Pre-Event mitigation efforts.  Our goal, at Amerigreen, is to address each community as a blank slate, building a response and debris management plan tailored specifically to that client.  While there may be significant similarities in plans, care is taken to ensure that all areas are specifically addressed.  Further, any plan intended to be used as a basis for FEMA reimbursement must incorporate the essential elements of the PAPPG, 2CFR Part 200, EM 385-1-1 and the methodology outlined within the National Response Framework and principles of the NIMS/ICS System

  • Initiate process of identifying particularized needs of client base.

  • Assign project manager

  • Initiate contacts to begin disaster response and preparatory meetings

  • Pre-event training to ensure planned response fully integrates with Debris Management plan

  • Offer Pre-Event training exercises and assist client (at no cost).

  • Offer Annual Training on current FEMA Guidelines.

  • Establish Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP)

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